VAT Training Courses - from the basics to some of the more complicated areas.

Get up to speed with VAT and see how you can save time and money

I develop and deliver training courses for UK Training. Browse the courses available via this link

The courses are usually for either a half day or a full day and cover everything from the basics of VAT (including BREXIT) to TOMS, Partial Exemption, VAT for Charities, International Trade and Land and Property, these are some of the more complex areas of VAT and the courses are designed to improve your understanding and knowledge.

For charities there is also a full days course covering all of the various complex issues that charities face (including VAT liabilities, zero rating, partial exemption, land and property, etc), so many people think that Charities are not impacted by VAT... nothing could be further from the truth.

The courses are available in a number of locations throughout the UK and can also be arranged as in-house and tailored to your own circumstances.

The trainers, including myself are all very experienced and are keen to ensure you have a great learning experience. There is no such thing as a silly question when you attend a training course. The courses give you the opportunity to increase your understanding and ask questions on matters that affect you and your business.